We offer a wide range of products to provide packaging solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

  1. Slip Sheet

    Sheet of kraft paper with high quality and high weight, which offer a great tensile strength and rupture. Its uses to transport goods without pallet. It is a alternative method of transport to conventional pallet system.

  2. Protection profiles (Edgeboards)

    Material made of laminated kraft paper. It serves to protect the edge/ corner of the product or pallet, protecting it from bumps and stabilizing it from movements, among other benefits specified below.

  3. Non-slip separator

    Paper separator with a non-slip treatment on both sides to prevent the goods from sliding on the pallet in assembly lines, palletizing and during transport.

  4. Honeycomb

    Product manufactured with paper, inside has hexagonal forms (honeycomb hexagonal structure).

  5. Cellular polypropylene

    The alveolar plates of cellular polypropylene have great versatilityin transformation and are adaptable to multiply sectors.

  6. Pallet base – Pallrun

    Baseof the pallet ideal for transporting goods without pallets. Pallrun can be pasted directly under the goods. Manufactured with mandrels and U-profiles of compact cardboard which make it durable, compact and safe.

  7. Inflatable bag

    Inflatable bag made of paper or raffia. It swells through a valve and serves to secure the load during transport.

  8. Paper and cardboard

    Manipulation of different qualities of paper and cardboard to supply them in rolls and/or formats of different qualities, sizes and weights.

  9. Adhesive tape

    We handle different qualities of adhesive tapes according to your needs and personalized according to your requirements.