Rotri is a family business established in 1990 and specialized in packaging products and packaging systems. The founding partners have over 40 years of experience in the sector.

Rotri has always been at the forefront of the newest systems of the market, in constant evolution, which has allowed us to introduce innovative proposals for improving products and packaging systems.

Experience, new ideas and good advice are the fundamental aspects to improve your current packaging system and optimize its operating and transportation costs.

We are very careful about the quality of our products and the service is our commitment to customers.

Rotri is an innovative, flexible, efficient, close and dynamic company, which is involved fully with the projects of its customers to guarantee that their products reach their destination in perfect conditions, and help to convey a good image of your company.



Our mission is to offer the best global solution for your business in packaging systems for the transport of your products, so that they arrive at their destination in the best conditions.

We offer a studio at no cost to you, with which we propose improvements in products and packaging systems presently used, to achieve:

  • Reduction of costs.

  • Reduction of time in the implementation of the packaging.

  • Improved in the protection of the products and the image of your company.


We want to be the leader in Catalonia with the advice of packaging products and packaging systems.
Continue to innovate and be at the forefront of novelties of the sector to resolve in an appropriate manner any situation at the level of packaging and transport.
Create a good basis for sustainable growth, without losing sight of the need of customers and generate employment, fostering human relationships. 


Enthusiasm, honesty, responsibility, work, perseverance, confidence and proximity are undisputable traits that are part of the history and trajectory of Rotri and we would like to share it with our customers.


The members of the professional team of Rotri have over 40 years of industry experience and are prepared to study and transmit the most suitable solution for your needs.

  • Artur Admetlla López – Co Founder and Technical Chief
  • Roser Augé Ollé – Co Founder and CFO
  • Xavier Admetlla Augé – CEO and Sales Director
  • Gemma Admetlla Augé – Area Manager
  • Jordi Fabià García Martín– Financial Management
  • Carles Alsinella Solsona – Financial Advisor
  • Xavi Giménez Capdevila – Production and warehouse
  • Marta González Rue – Production and warehouse
  • Borja Fernádez Duque – Production and warehouse
  • Pol Navarro Rioja - Production and warehouse
  • Joan Alemany Prat - Sales Department


10 reasons to rely on Rotri:

  1. Mission, vision and values, based on providing effective customer solutions with full transparency and proximity.
  2. More than 40 years of experience in the sector.
  3. Guidance on reducing costs to the customer.
  4. Full implication in projects.
  5. Quick and efficient response of the entire team.
  6. Total coordination between different departments.
  7. We are at the fore front of the newest products on the market.
  8. Plant, machinery and transport prepared to give an unbeatable service.
  9. Investment in training people and equipment.
  10. Partnerships with international prestige manufacturers.


The principle of the company begins in 1990 when Artur and Roser, with a long experience in the packaging sector, together with another partner, created Rotri in a small venue in Hospitalet de Llobregat.

The purpose was to commercialize plastic bags and other packaging products, in addition to the service that Artur was offering to its customers of carton boxes and answering his entrepreneurial spirit and an expert in market needs.

Gradually they were incorporated other products to transfer the activity to a ship of 400m2 in the polygon Famadas in the same population. But it was not until the year 2000 when Artur and Roser took over the business alone. With their experience, great enthusiasm and entrepreneurship they started to open market, adding new products and getting to give a comprehensive service of packaging to large companies from different sectors.

This process has been possible thanks to the loyalty of our customers and the unconditional support of our suppliers over the years, as well as the progressive incorporation of different family members, ensuring the generational change with full guarantees and continuing with the initial spirit of Rotri to work with enthusiasm, perseverance and innovation.


The quality and customer satisfaction arevery important aspects, which have beenthe subject of apermanent and continued attention during these years.

We are alwaysfocused onthe satisfaction of theneeds of customers, increasing our portfolio ofspecialized packaging.

To achieve this policy effectively,we have implemented a system of Quality Management according to ISO9001: 2015, which assures us the proper management of resources, both technical as human and financial, whichenable us to:

  • Optimize our processes and competitiveness,organizational effectiveness and reduce costs in order to pass these improvements and reductions to our customers and consequently increase customer satisfaction.

We continually review the quality objects, among which we include the increase of customer satisfaction and the improvement of the effectiveness in all areas, seeking that our services satisfy our customers with competitive prices and complying with agreed terms of delivery.

The commitment acquired by the company to the continuous improvement of management system of quality is obtained with full responsibility with every member of the company, starting with the management and providing the necessary means for this purpose.

The objective of the quality policy of our company is to consolidate this reality and foster continuous improvement.


ISO 9001-2015

For many years, Rotri has been certificated with ISO 9001 in Quality Management. Reviewed and updated every year and now upgraded to its 2015 version. ISO 9001:2015 sets out the criteria for a quality management System. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. 

Certificate Iso 9001_2015

Protect and have healing of the environment is part of our company philosophy.

For this reason we have contracted the services of authorized companies for the collection of leftovers generated by our machines when we handle different materials such as paper, cardboard, wood and plastic.

Our installations are located in Pobla de Claramunt, 50 kilometers from Barcelona.

They occupy the space of 4000 m2 and are equipped with 6-handling and processing machines and 2 own transport vehicles.