Adhesive tape

We handle different qualities of adhesive tapes according to your needs and personalized according to your requirements.

Inflatable bag

Inflatable bag made of paper or raffia. It swells through a valve and serves to secure the load during transport,preventing the movementof the merchandise andreaching that it will arrive in perfect conditions.

Dry gel

New generation of desiccant salts that contain a mixture of calcium chloride and a natural agent with high absorption capacity.

Clay or silica gel dessicant bag

Used to maintain a low level of humidity in a sealed space such as inside of a plastic sleeve, aluminum film or box. Can be in direct contact with the protected product.

Pallrun with corner

It applies under the pallet by strips.It can be supplied with or without adhesive.

Pallrun with adhesive

It applies under the box by adhesive.
It applies in the sides of the pallet in vertical position to fix the merchandise in container or truck.

Pallrun without adhesive

It applies under the box with glue, double-sided tape, nails or staples.
It applies in areas inside the box to set the merchandise during the transport.

Pallet base – Pallrun

Base of the pallet ideal for transporting goods without pallets. Pallrun can be pasted directly under the goods. Manufactured with mandrels and U-profiles of compact cardboard which make it durable, compact and safe.

Grids/dividers inside the box

Pharmaceutical industry, automotive and electronics.