Gray Cardboard

Usually applied between the pallet and the product and on the top of the pallet. Supplied in formats.

Tarred Paper

Manufactured with kraft paper on the outside and gluing inside with a layer of tarred and reinforced with a polyester grid. It is applies to cover the inside of wooden boxes for shipping because of its impermeability. It is also a water-repellent material. It usually supplied in coils.

Antioxidant VCI Paper

Material with antioxidant treatment that delay or prevents the oxidation when we wrap or separate the materials. Supplied in rolls or formats.

Alfa Gris, Cuero, Test and Kraft paper

It is applied to separate, package and protect. Supplied in rolls or formats.

Paper and cardboard

Manipulation of different qualities of paper and cardboard to supply them in rolls and/or formats of different qualities, sizes and weights. Material suitable for filling, protection, coating or separation of any product, among other applications.