Resistant to heat

Thanks to laminated with raffia. Ideal for heat conditions.

Resistant to moisture

Thanks to a special paper quality. Ideal for humid conditions.


Ideal for goods which are on a particularly slippery surface. It is applied on the sheet, only in the part where are placed the goods.

Kraft Paper or curly paper

Material which is curled like accordion so it has elasticity and flexibility, creating a cushion effect and protecting your products when you wrap them. Supplied in coils.

Cellulose Paper

Different sizes.

Silk paper

It is applied for wrapping fruitand other products. Supplied in formats (nothing else).

Microchannel cardboard, simple channel, dual channel and triple channel

Usually applied between the pallet and the product and on the top of the pallet. Supplied in formats.

Corrugated Cardboard

It is applied to separate, package and protect. Supplied in rolls or formats.