Slip sheet

Sheet of kraft paper with high quality and high weight, which offer a great tensile strength and rupture. Its uses to transport goods without pallet. It is a alternative method of transport to conventional pallet system.

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  • Very economic; significant reduction in distribution costs.
  • Space optimization inside the container and warehouse.
  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Free frommetal objects such asnails or staples.
  • Very lightweight and easy to manipulate.
  • Resistant to moisture and traction.
  • Don’t need phytosanitary treatment.
  • Possibility of different sizes.



  • solapes-RotriWeights: in paper of 0.9mm-740gsm , 1mm-800gsm, 1.3mm-1000gsm,  1.5mm-1200gsm) / in polypropylene of 2,5mm-450, 3,5mm-700 g/m2.
  • Standard paper sizes: 800×1200 and 1000×1200, with flaps of 60 and 100 mm.
  • Special sizes: we can manufacture non-standard sizes according to your needs.
  • Flaps: without flaps / 1 flap / 2 attached flaps  / 2 flaps in front / 4 flaps.


The operating process within the factory by the slip sheet is exactly the same as usual, except at the end when we load the truck or container for the shipment of goods.

  1. Put a slip sheet on conventional pallet.
  2. Place the goods on the pallet and the sleep sheet through the usual procedure.
  3. Movethe pallets in your store with a common forklift and place it on the shelves as usually did.
  4. In the moment to loading pallets on a truck or container will do it by the same forklift, where we will incorporate a fixture in only 3 minutes, which it will take only the slip sheet (with the goods) with tweezers in the end and will place it inside the transport (truck or container).
  5. The conventional pallet will remain in your warehouse so you can use them normally.
  6. The three main advantages in the utilization of this system are the reduction costs front conventional pallets, the expansion of space in truck and container with the possibility to transport more merchandise and the expansion of space in your warehouse because slip sheets occupy a very small space compared to conventional pallets: 1.000 slip sheets = 1 m3 / 1.000 pallets = 70m3

Vídeo of the procedure and use




Accessory that is attached to the common forklift (in 3 minutes), in the use of the slip sheet.

Auramar Bolzoni manufactures attachments for forklifts, pallet lift tables and manuals, is also a leading provider of integrated side scroller major manufacturers of fork.

Highlights the Easy Rider for the correct use of Slip Sheet:


Process of collecting the slip sheet with the goods on pallet.

recollida-slip-sheet-rotri recollida-slip-sheet-sobre-palet-rotri

Process of collecting the slip sheet with the goods on the pallet. (Finished pallet):

recollida-fulla-lliscant-sobre-caixes-rotri recollida-fulla-lliscant-palet-rotri

Upload process of the merchandise through the slip sheet towards the means of transportation:




Manufacturers of implements for lift trucks for the use of the Slip Sheet.

RollerForks higlight its system, the alternative to another system Push&Pull.






Loading system of RollerForks: