Protection Profiles (Edgeboards)

Material made of laminated kraft paper. It serves to protect the edge/ corner of the product or pallet, protecting it from bumps and stabilizing it from movements, among other benefits specified below.

  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Protects the edges/corners of the product and/or pallet.
  • Protects and distributes the pressure of the strip and stretch film.
  • Stabilize the product and/or pallet during the storage and transport.
  • Can increase the amount of product per pallet, thanks to stability in height.
  • Allows put the pallet over the other.
  • Reinforcementinsidethe boxes.
  • Corner with bevel allows have a corner for different products.It also allows youto savethe angleof 90º, protecting the perimeterof the productat the sametime.
  • Its combination with EPS (porexpan) allows good protection and serves like cushioning for the packing product.
  • Standard material and also manufactured according to customer needs and requirements.

Printing: up to threecolorsto reinforcethe image ofour company.

cantonera impressa-Rotri4 cantonera impressa-Rotri5
cantonera impressa-Rotri
cantonera impressa-Rotri3 cantonera impressa-Rotri6 cantonera impressa-Rotri2

Adhesive: applied in a wing of the corner and serves to fix it quickly and for improve its fixation.

cantonera-adhesiu-portada2cantonera-adhesiu-portada3 cofcof





Plasticized: it isapplied a lining on the outside of the corner to prevent the abrasion on delicate surfaces and also to achieve higher performance of this product in wet conditions.

 cantonera plastificada-portada-rotri  cantonera plastificada-Rotri2  
 cantonera plastificada-Rotri3  cantonera plastificada-Rotri4  cantonera plastificada-Rotri5

Unequal wingsis achieved greater stability of the corner when it applies in a horizontal position during fastening through strips. / It applies also in specific products.

cantonera-ales-iguals-portada  cantonera-ales-iguals-portada2 cantonera-ales-iguals-portada3 cantonera-ales-iguals-portada4