Non-slip separator

Paper separator with a non-slip treatment on both sides to prevent the goods from sliding on the pallet in assembly lines, palletizing and during transport.

  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Stabilizesthe goods on transportandpalletizinglines.
  • The loaddoes not slipduring handlingortransport so it reduces the risk of accidents.
  • It increases the amount of productper pallet.
  • Possibility of stacking in columns for a greater use of space.
  • Reduces film.
  • Effectiveonall types ofgoods: cardboardboxes, paper and/orplastic bags, glass…
  • Possibility ofmaterialhydrophobic(water repellent).
  • Low temperature resistant: -32º
  • Less downloadtimethanks toproper positioningof the palletandthe goods onthis.
  • Reduces the pressure of the tension straps, avoiding so distortions in the material.
  • Better presentation of your pallets with your product.
  • Possibility of differentweights andmeasures depending oncustomer needs.

The process operating inside the factory by non-slip separator is simple and easy to use.

Put a non-slip separator on the pallet and interleaved between each level of your product (packed in boxes, bags or individual unpackaged) when you will place them on the pallet. So you prepare it and stabilize it for transport.

  • Printing: up to threecolorsto reinforcethe image ofyour company.
  • Hydrophobic: physical propertyto repelwater, fora special treatmentthat carries thepaper.
  • Standard sizes: 740×1140 and 940×1140
  • Special sizes: we can supplynon-standardsizesaccording toyour needs.
  • Weights: 65, 85, 110, 150, 220, 300 g/m2